FORM 4 BIOLOGY CHAPTER 5 (Last Updated: 16/8/07)

Posted by nikzakiah on December 26, 2006

Mitosis Intro
Mitosis (Steps through – Independent Revision)
Animal Cell Mitosis
Plant Cell Mitosis
Mitosis Diagrams and Simple Explanation of Phases.
Mitosis Animated GIF with text.
Mitosis Arizona

Cell Cycle

Human Development and Stem Cells Animation
Cloning: Creating Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
Cloning: Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Animation

Cancer Cell Animation

Human Karyotype
Meiosis Intro
Meiosis Illustrations


10 Responses to “FORM 4 BIOLOGY CHAPTER 5 (Last Updated: 16/8/07)”

  1. novia said

    its so hard!

  2. rafi said

    so far the questions is good for student..

  3. rafi_MRSM student said

    I need forecast question for my coming exam..

  4. eilah_seri puteri said

    it s0o hard…
    i can even ubderstnd it..

  5. hannah said

    errrrr the notes is too spesific 😐 might take time to understand it eventho slideshow was given

  6. vanitha said

    i don’t know to search.

  7. Yuen Zhao said

    Thank you so much! 😀

  8. qwertyuiop said


  9. miss n said

    chapter 5 do make me sane !!

  10. miss E said


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